Sex clubs in Singapore

Contrary to what some people think, Sex clubs in Singapore (bars & clubs where you go for the purpose of having sex) are very popular in Singapore. For a country known for its clean and green image and nothing much else, this may come as quite a surprise to a visitor.

The government has taken a very pragmatic view of the world’s oldest profession. Singapore authorities figured that it is better to legalise sex parties in Singapore by confining it to certain defined areas so that it can be controlled to a certain degree. A complete ban on sex clubs will only drive it underground.

There are three types of sex clubs in Singapore:

There’s not much information on the sex clubs & Swingers clubs in Singpapore , so if there is anything I have missed, please feel free to contribute by adding your comments below. If we all share our knowledge, it will make it easier for everyone.

Most sex clubs in Singapore are concentrated in the Singapore red light districts. The main red light district in Singapore is The Geyland Red Light district.