KTV Bars in Singapore

KTV bars in Singapore are basically Karaoke bars & Hostess bars in Singapore. Dancers in skin-tight latex suits frolic with drunken male patrons looking for a good time.

KTV bars are great if you are going as a group, as opposed to Swingers clubs in Singapore  where you go there alone or with another couple. You will find a few couples in Singapore frequent KTV bars, so one option is to meet a couple at a KTV bar, then head over to the swingers club with them after. Here are some of the best KTV bars in Singapore.

The KTV girls are usually better quality and more variety. They range from Singapore-Chinese, Malay-Chinese, Filipino, and Thai (in the order of price, most expensive to least expensive). Anything goes in KTV private rooms as long as you pay. You get make-out-kisses, breast sucking, bj, and full sex. If you are a couple looking for a 3some with a girl, then that’s definitely the best place to go. You can make out in the private KTV room, or you can always bring the girl to your hotel. The price here range from S$200 to S$3000 (depending how kinky you want to get).

There are two types of hostess girls at KTV bars in Singapore.

Chinese pei jiu mei (drinking girls) and high-class Pinay (Phillipino call girls).

The pei jiu mei (drinking buddy – hostess girl) will cling on to you, listen to you talk and talk, show interest and make you seem like the most important person in the world…. then ask you to buy more drinks. For yourself, and for her. She gets commission from the sales, so the more you drink, the more flirtatious she gets.

Then there’s the Pinay girls… I’m not targeting Filipinos, but there really were so many of them around at that time. As soon as you walk in, at least 2 or 3 will sashay up to you and grab you by the waist, and call you ‘darling’, or ‘handsome man’. They’re not shy. Some will pat your crotch area so you surely know what they’re after. You buy drinks for the girl and yourself, then go to a corner and chat for awhile, then she’s already asking you to take her to your hotel.

There’s typically 2 types of KTV bars in Singapore. There’s the dirty, or lup sup bars where girls openly offer their services. Drinks and women come cheap at these bars, which are commonly frequented by more blue-collar workers.

Then, there’s the Attas KTV lounges, where businessmen entertain clients, big-spenders frequent for their privacy, and if your wallet isn’t fat enough, you don’t have to bother making a reservation. The quality of girls are much better at Attas bars, and your chances of a happy ending are much higher there as the girls are more forthcoming. It also helps that most patrons have private rooms for their group, so its easier to take a girl there for some extra fun.

Famous KTV bars in Singapore include Boss, Party world, Tainanmen, Cognac etc.